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Rewind to 1996, and you'd find us sparked by a visionary goal: crafting the finest apparel factory globally. This ambition launched a battery of questions, leading us to consider what defines the best in our industry. Quality, supply chain efficiency, product offering, and innovation emerged as key pillars. Yet, our dedicated team shone as our greatest asset. Their commitment is the backbone of our quality assurance, innovation, and swift, transparent communications with you, our valued customers.

Fast forward to today, and we're celebrating a legacy of 28 remarkable years. We've witnessed small startups evolve into titans with valuations soaring over $100 million, with our collaboration playing a pivotal role in their journeys.
Our mantra has been centered around three core principles: People, Process, and Product. We've honed a unique approach called the Scandinavian way, weaving in enhanced communication and transparency. Establishing a symbiotic relationship with our clients means merging into a singular, unified team where open dialogue and dedication are the foundation of success.

Our appetite for technological advancement always remains. We're always on the hunt for innovations that refine our production methods. Take, for instance, our early adoption of automatic placket machines, which cemented our reputation for unwavering quality. Today, we operate our manufacturing execution system digitally using tablets rather than paper.

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