Garment manufacturing

Scandinavian Textile & Apparel is at the forefront of technology and design innovations in garment manufacture. We manage production from prototype to shipping and ensure stringent capacity planning for optimized use of facilities.

Our entirely owned factories in prime locations enable us to manage a streamlined, results-driven manufacturing process. Control of our own facilities allows us to plan rigorously and manage risk by reacting flexibly to your requirements and external circumstances. We have the capacity, technical skill, and infrastructure to maintain your critical path without compromise on quality.

Our manufacturing capabilities are comprehensive, meeting your exact requirements as well as developing pioneering techniques for garment fit, finish, and performance. Our technology includes Optitex planning and cutting, bonding, heat sealing, screen printing, embroidery as well as sublimation printing.

Our employees carefully monitor and control every production process from prototyping through to end-of-line inspection and final packing. Every garment is subject to strict AQL shipment release standards, ensuring that your expectations of quality and consistency are met.

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